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HR Compliance Check

In today’s business world, a knowledgeable Human Resources (HR) Department is more important than ever. The ability for HR to mitigate compliance risk is a critical factor in the overall success of your organization. HR must have an understanding of federal and state laws as well as implementing policies that safeguard workers while minimizing company risk. Consequences of a major HR mistake or oversight can be devastating both legally and economically to your organization.

A self-proclaimed “next-generation HR executive,” Kelly’s mission is to help companies think differently about how to attract and retain employees by leveraging each employee’s overall experience and sense of belonging to gain real-time results.

Kelly’s candid and down-to-earth personality helps people connect the dots; Kelly goes beyond the jargon and acronyms to deliver real-life business results and actionable advice on next-generation leadership to provide excellence in today’s knowledge-based economy.

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Taking the time out of your busy schedule to take a close objective look at your HR compliance requirements can be an overwhelming task. The objective review of the current state of compliance procedures and policies is a vital means of evaluating whether or not specific areas are adequate, legal and/or effective, and help avoid regulatory liability that may arise from HR policies and practices.