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Every Family Has a Story

This Story Begins In 1892,
The Year Anis Jackson Was Born

Anis Jackson was born in 1892 in Crystal Springs, Mississippi and lived in Tangipahoa and Bogalusa, Louisiana during his lifetime. Anis did not attend school but was able to read and write. His occupation was a laborer on a farm.

Anis Jackson was nineteen (19) years old when he married Ella Jackson (born in 1896) and from their union they had a total of ten (10) children. The children were Norman (1913), Gene (1915), Mary (1916), Rufus (1920), Oscar (1922), Martha (1923), Junita (1925), Percy (1927), Mildred (1929), Verlene (1932). He died at the age of 55 in 1942.

Ella (Warner) Jackson according to the census report her race was noted as Black and noted as Mulatto (mixed race). Her highest level of education recorded was 3rd grade and was able to read and write. During her life she worked on the farm and raised her ten children. Her parent’s birthplace was Magnolia, Mississippi. It is likely that Ella’s ancestors’ travels took them through Canadian Atlantic and Pacific seaports. She died at the age of 89 in 1985.